GET Studios



We work as a team. Each of us brings a unique skill to the table, that enhances our work as a whole. We communicate through a wide scope of mediums. Our style is clean, effective and innovative. 

Amaurys Grullon


Amaurys Grullon is a multi disciplined artist and entrepreneur based in the Bronx. In 2014 he founded GET Studio in the hopes of assembling a team of creative individuals not only to produce amazing work but to make a real difference. 

Tom Varacchi

"THE eyes"

Tom Varacchi started as a freelance designer, in 2015 he partnered up with Amaurys and Jerry with a mutual dream of creating something new. His experimental and entrepreneurial spirit makes him an awesome asset to the team.

Jerry LoLandes

"THE ears"

Jerry Lolandes is a motion designer with so many talents from hand lettering to illustration. Jerry came into GET Studios in 2015 and could quite literally make anything move, he is one of the most talented motion designer we know (obviously).


Josué Caceres — GET Visual / GET Production

Jay François — GET Production

Kevin Acevedo — GET Visual

Caleb Salas — GET Visual