“Through Your Eyes,” commissioned by GreatCall, is a five-part dramatic series on how technology is impacting aging in America. The short series tells the story of an Italian-American widower who lets technology into his life. We created the visuals to visualize the narrative.

● Production  ● Graphic Design  ● Motion Design  ● VFX  



5 HEKS is an e-commerce platform that sells apparel and accessories for a large audience. The meaning behind our choices for the identity was the fact that 5 HEKS is made up of many different types of products. We wanted to show how different shapes and sizes could really fit as one.

● Brand Identity  ● Product Shots  ● Website Design  ● Collateral  



The Canopy Climbers are an Indie Band that contacted us through instagram to create a music video for their popular song "fever" this is the result of that collaboration.

● Story Board  ● Motion Design


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.16.11 PM.png


Swany, being filled with snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts, know the troubles of going to the mountain. We wanted to create a better, more well rounded experience from the moment you leave your place to the minute you leave the mountain. With Traq you are able to stay connected 24/7, as well as use come of the awesome features that come along with it.

● Product Development  ● Brand Identity  ● Website Design  ● App Design 

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Tailormen Watches combine the old with the new. Customizable watches for the modern age, the desire was to create a watch that expresses you, and that has your own individual taste. Using the tailormen app you are able to easily cutsomize this watch based on your interests and needs.

● Product Development  ● Brand Identity  ● Website Design  ● App Design 



The Alien Heroes is a group of young individuals that creates content such as art, video production, media within different social platforms. For the most part they create comedy skits and parodies on their youtube page for the dedicated fan base.

● Brand Identity  ● Collateral  ● Apparel  ● Video Production  ● Motion Graphics 

TheAlienHeroes .jpg


Asension School is a private catholic school on the Upper West Side in NYC. We were tasked to create a promotional video and conduct interviews for the school. We also created their website.

 Video Production  ● Promotional Content  ● Motion Graphics   Website Design  ● Development 

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 Calientito is a Dominican and Puerto Rican restaurant based in NYC. They combine both cultures beautifully. Together we created their website as well as developed it for them. We also had taken the food photography for their promotional content.

 Photography  ● Promotional Content  ● Website Design ● Development 

Calientito 2.jpg